My name is Jeffrey Morgan and this is my blog, Get This Ripped. My blog is dedicated to helping men and women to lose ‘Visible Weight’ and┬ádevelop ‘Visible Muscles’ to get ripped.

I want to help you get ‘Visible Results’

  1. There is no point to losing weight if you don’t look different.
  2. There is no point to gaining weight if you don’t end up building more ‘Visible Muscle’

Men and Women

I think that the human body is art….high art. You can design your body to have the look that you personally appreciate.

I don’t believe that men and women are after the same physique.

Women that I have talked to want a slim, sexy and feminine physique. Most women don’t want to look like smaller versions of male bodybuilders. Following the conventional fitness advice often leads to bigger legs…among other unwanted side effects.

Men that I have talked to want high muscle definition to get that slim, lean and ripped look, like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Most men can’t relate with the “get big or go home” mentality.

What are your specific needs?

Naturally, fitness advice should specifically cater to different needs.

I have a lot of articles that talk about muscle gaining secrets. These are more targeted towards men that want to build more ‘Visible Muscle’.

I also have articles that I specifically wrote for women, like How To Get Abs For Girls. This is for women that want a flat, sexy stomach with some ab definition. It’s not about getting ‘Deep Abs’, which men tend to be more interested in.

Lastly, I have articles that are for everyone such as Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss or Cardio Routines.

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– Jeffrey

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