Best Workout Routines

Here are the best workout routines in my opinion. These are resources that I have personally purchased and I feel that everyone can benefit from these. I wrote a brief summary for each product below, click on the picture of title to read my full review.

The Hollywood Physique

Ever wonder how Hollywood Actors like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner, Chris Hemsworth in Thor and etc…all have the same physique? It is because they all went through similar training. Both men and women respond powerfully to this specific physique and it’s the reason that it comes up over and over again in mainstream movies.

This is a comprehensive program that gets you that Hollywood Physique. It includes a very detailed workout plan and also an elaborate diet plan (all 100% natural foods, no supplements). It is a unique approach to putting on muscle on the right parts of your body to achieve the right proportions. The program has video demonstrations and every SINGLE workout pre-planned for you. All you need to do is show up and carry them out.

Be warned though, this program is quite intense and it’s only for guys that are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to get that total body transformation. To learn more about the program, check out my Hollywood Physique Review.


Visual Impact

Visual Impact has 3 Phases and each phase builds upon the previous phase.

  • Building Bigger Muscles: This is where you will learn the right way to put on muscle fast.
  • Building Denser Muscles: Ever noticed how some guys have bulky and inflated muscles, while other guys have lean and dense muscles? This is a hybrid phase where you are still building more muscle mass, but are also building muscle density.
  • Maxing Density and Slimming Down: This is where you max out on muscle density and also burn away any excess fat.
  • Bonus Phase: Also known as the ‘Shrink Wrap Effect’. After this phase, it will look like your skin is shrink wrapped. This bonus phase builds upon Phase 3.

To learn more about the program, check out my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review


Visual Impact For Women

Visual Impact For Women specifically helps you get the ‘Slim, Fit and Feminine Physique’.

It has 3 Components:

  • Diet: Learn about an approach to dieting that works flawlessly, whether you prefer to eat 1-2 times a day….or over 6 times a day. It is about focusing on a weekly calorie deficit, not the daily calorie deficit that helps you lose weight. This diet is easy to maintain, so once you get the results, you can keep them.
  • Workout: This workout is all about slightly increasing muscle tone while decreasing (or maintaining) the size of that body part. As a bonus, this method of training also helps you to get strong.
  • Fat Torching Cardio: This is not your traditional ‘steady’ cardio. This approach is far more effective, it triggers your body to produce more fat burning hormones. Your body will continue to burn fat for 8 hours after your cardio session. This hormone is called human growth hormone or Hgh, it is responsible for fat loss and it also keeps you looking young.

To learn more about this program, check out my Visual Impact For Women Review.

Eat Stop Eat

You already know that intense exercise helps you burn fat. When exercising, your body goes into a state that burns fat for energy.

But did you know that you can get into that fat burning state without intense exercise?

Eat Stop Eat talks about a very powerful method to lose fat through Intermittent Fasting. By fasting for short periods of time, you can increase your growth hormone production to build more muscle and burn fat at the same time. To learn more about this program, check out my Eat Stop Eat Review.


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