The Hollywood Physique Review

Who else wants an in-depth, behind the scenes, fast track education to getting a physique like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner and other Hollywood actors?

Imagine that combined with a bootcamp style personalized training with every single workout already planned out for you…that is the The Hollywood Physique program.

In my Hollywood Physique Review, I’m going to talk about the program and then what I liked most about the program.

About The Program

The program is designed to help you put on muscle fast in the right places and in the right proportions. The reason why the transformation is so fast (just 3 months) is because everything is stripped to its bare essentials. Here is what I mean:

There is only a small subset of muscles that are visible. This subset of muscles only make up 20% of your entire muscle mass, but it creates over 80% of all perceived muscle size. The program helps you develop the 20% of muscles that makes a visual difference.

There are 6 components to this program that will create your transformation:

The Visible Muscle Isolation Method

The the real ‘shortcut’ is about isolating and developing the 20% of muscles that are visually important. Normal exercises work multiple muscle groups, but this method specifically targets the muscles that you need to develop. There are various body mechanics that helps you achieve the specialized isolation. This is the first ‘hack’.

Hollywood Hypertrophy Training

Training that activates pure muscle growth. It has a unique rep scheme, rest periods, and rep tempo. It uses a secret that leverages ‘forced overcompensation’ and flips the switch on muscle growth.

Peak Hormone Diet

Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods will increase your body’s growth hormone significantly. This burns fat fast and also helps in building muscle.

Incline Cardio

High intensity cardio and high intensity workouts do not make a good combination, it puts too much stress on your body which leads to the ‘growth switches’ to be flipped off. This form of incline cardio is very mild, but it produces amazing results with the Hollywood Hypertrophy Training. It helps you burn fat and build more developed abs at the same time.

Body Reset Protocol

This is the most important element to the accelerated transformation. No one else is talking about this, it is a concept that is unique to this program only. It clears your system and hits the reset switch, this prepares you for the massive growth in the hypertrophy training.

On/Off Switches

There are ‘switches’ in your body. Once these switches are flipped, it will allow your body to further increase fat burning and muscle growth.

What I Liked About The Program

The workouts are short and the workout schedule is very flexible. The program was originally designed to have 6 workout days a week. But there is a variation where you only have to workout 4 times a week (the workouts will be longer in this variation).

Each workout session is very short (lasting only around 15 mins), but they are intense. Believe me, it will be the most physically intense 15 mins you will have ever experienced, more so than a 20 rep squat program if you have tried it before. Then it’s followed by an easy cardio session lasting around 10 minutes.

The program uses a many different principles that ‘hacks‘ your body’s ability to grow muscle fast and naturally.

Everything is done for you:

  1. Every single workout has been planned for you.
  2. Every single exercise that you will be doing has a video demonstration by Clay. There will be no guesswork.
  3. Just in case you have any additional questions, you can ask away on the forums. Clay will personally answer every question.
  4. The forum is full of guys that are also on this transformational journey. Everyone is very supportive. Some people keep photo progress evaluations…these are very inspiring and motivating.
  5. The workouts are very short. You’ll be finished within 30 mins including cardio. However, the workouts are intense.

Who Is This Program For?

This is only for people that are willing to work hard for the results. While everything has been set up for you, you still need to show up and give it 100% every workout.

Click Here to Visit The Official Hollywood Physique Site.

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ben linford May 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm

This program looks great.
It sounds very different to other programmes out there, and the concept of having a forum and a greater level of communication with those in the circle, speaks wonders to the potential investor.
I look forward to taking this challenge.


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