Tacfit Commando Review

Who else wants an in-depth, behind the scenes, fast track education to getting the High Performance Physique of a Special Forces Commando?

Scott Sonnon is the author of Tacfit Commando and he is one of the world’s top Special Forces trainers. I’m not going to talk more about his credentials because you can read about all of the testimonials on his site. It ranges from a Israeli Counter-Terrorism Units, to Navy Seal Officers to US Army and Air Force Special Operatives and etc…

In Tacfit Commando, you will learn training methods that Seals, Marines, and Professional fighters, Olympic Athletes are using Right Now to stay combat ready and mission ready.

About The Program

It is not about getting ‘show muscles’ like The Hollywood Physique. This is a premium bodyweight program that helps you get a High Performance Physique. Here is what I mean:

The people that Scott trains need to be agile, fast, strong and also have explosive power. The 2 keys to building these qualities is increasing your Stored Elastic Energy and Sequential Summation of Forces.

Stored Elastic Energy is the ability to absorb and redirect force. This is essential when you want to change direction during a movement, dive, climb, jump at odd angles, have great balance and muscle endurance. This is what creates fast, agile movements and it also helps your body redirect the force from collisions.

Sequential Summation of Forces is what produces an explosive power. This is something that Bruce Lee called the “Snap” of a strike. It is the difference of being hit by a metal bat or being whipped by a metal chain with a steel ball attached. The whip of a chain with a steel ball attached will have a lot more devastating power.

Traditional training methods fail to develop these 2 crucial factors. Which makes this program so unique. This is about becoming ‘fit’ to physically perform or becoming ‘tactically fit’, not being ‘fit’ to…look good.

My Experience With The Program

This program was tough. However, I’m very glad that I toughed it out and completed the program from start to finish. I have more stamina, I’m more flexible and agile. My joints have more mobility and they feel a lot better over all.

I also look better. I noticed new muscle developments in different places. For example, different parts of my abs, triceps and shoulders got more developed/defined. Once I went back to the gym and started lifting weights again, I was able to get past my previous plateaus on major lifts. I think I will go through this program at least once a year from now on.

If you’re not into lifting weights, stick with this program and you will see some tremendous results. Especially if you’re into stuff like parkour or anything that requires strength, dexterity and agility.

What I Liked About The Program:

This entire program is designed to be performed anytime, anywhere with absolutely no equipment. It only takes 20 minutes per session, but it is very intense.

Every exercise has a video demonstration by Scott Sonnon himself and every workout has been planned for you. All you need to do is follow along.

What is very interesting about this program that anyone can perform the exercises. There are 3 levels that can turn the sessions from challenging to extremely intense.

You will not be overtrained. The entire program is designed to help professionals stay in peak form while remaining injury proof, pain free and operational whenever they need to be.

The program also pays for itself. For the time you’re doing this program, you won’t be needing a gym membership.

To download the program now, Click Here To Visit The Official Site

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