My Visual Impact For Women Review

In my Visual Impact For Women Review, I’m going to first give a short summary of the program, then I’m going to talk about what I liked about the program.

There are 3 components to the program:

1. The Diet Component

The problem with most diets is that they are hard to maintain and you lose the results once you get off the diet.

Visual Impact for Women talks about a realistic way to dieting. It’s flexible, whether you prefer to eat 1-2 times a day….or eat over 6 times a day. The specific strategies allows you to eat until you’re satisfied. It is about focusing on a weekly calorie deficit, not the daily calorie deficit that helps you lose weight.

It is easy to maintain, which means you get to keep the results you work for and continue looking great. You can still eat what you enjoy, just make sure you follow the guide and eat in the right amounts at the right times.

It comes with a special section: “Dieting For An Event” – This special section describes a detailed and aggressive diet plan for losing over 12 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks. It is highly effective but tough. This is a very nice ‘strategy’ to have for those special events and vacations.

Recently, Rusty added another section that helps you lose water weight. This strategy will make you look your absolute best for those extra special events.

Do you ever notice that you look way better in a bikini on some days…and you don’t look as good on other days?

There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. Minimal Water Retention Under the Skin.
  2. Maximum Water Retention in the Muscle

It’s easy to lose water weight, but if you do this wrong you will lose all muscle size and definition in the process.

If your muscles flatten out from lack of water, it makes your body fat stand out much more. This strategy keeps the muscles hydrated to look your best in a bikini.

2. The Workout Component

This workout is all about slightly increasing muscle tone while decreasing (or maintaining) the size of that body part. As a bonus, this method of training also helps you become stronger.

It addresses important topics such as:

1. High-Rep Training: Why women have been pushed towards high rep training to “tone” the muscles. What actually happens in the body when training for high reps. A study which shows that high reps tend to add muscle mass about as well as low reps.

2. Low-Rep Training: What happens in the body during low rep training. Why low reps (done properly) are the ideal way to get a lean and slim physique that looks great in a bikini.

3. Training to Failure: Why training to failure or training short of failure makes a HUGE impact on how your muscle look. This is one of the most overlooked variables in all of women’s fitness.

4. The benefits and drawbacks of Free Weights, Machines, and Body Weight Training.

5. How yoga fits into all of this

6. and much more

Just incase you have overdeveloped a body part, there is even a section that teaches you how to lose muscle mass on purpose.

You can choose between a 4 day per week workout plan or a 3 day per week workout plan. There are sample workouts that are pre-made for you with a detailed 229 page ‘Exercise Demonstration Manual’.

You have a lot of exercises to choose from if you want to put together your own workout routine. Just make sure you read the main manual first to understand the principles.

3. The Fat Torching Cardio

This is not your traditional ‘steady state cardio’. This approach is far more effective, it triggers your body to produce more fat burning hormones. This hormone is called human growth hormone or HGH, it is responsible for a number of functions…

Two of the functions of this hormone is that it burns fat and it also keeps you looking young.

Do you know why Hollywood actresses use cardio to get ready for a movie role?

It’s because Cardio is the only variable in the fat loss equation that you can increase when everything else is ‘maxed out’.

Think about it, you can only limit your calorie intake to certain degree before you become malnourished. You can only lift so much weight before your body breaks down.

This is the ‘key’ to being able to burn as much body fat as you want. It’s the closest thing to being able to drop body fat on demand.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran at doing cardio…you will get a lot out of this part of the program (just like the other components).

What I liked about the program

My girlfriend was ecstatic when I told her about Visual Impact for Women. I have never come across a better fitness program for women, it is extremely comprehensive and also flexible.

I think for the most part, the fitness industry has missed women completely. This is the only program that helps women get the ‘Slim, Fit and Feminine Physique’.

You will have all the resources you need to create the routine that suits your preferences. The 229 page Exercise Demonstration Manual contains tons of exercises to choose from. It even has ‘Click Navigation’, which is cool. Just click the exercises in the table of contents and it will jump to that page.

What I didn’t like about the program

The Exercise Demonstration Manual has guy demonstrating all of the exercises. I think it would be perfect if it had a girl doing all of the demonstration for this course…there is really nothing else that I can pick at.

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