My Visual Impact Muscle Building Review And Experiences

In my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review, I’m going to first summarize the 3 phases of the program, then I’m going to talk about my personal experience with the program.

Program Summary

Visual Impact by Rusty Moore is unique in that there are 3 Phases in this program and each phase builds upon the previous phase. Here is what I mean:

Phase 1: Building Bigger Muscles

Phase 1 is where you learn the right way to build bigger muscles in the right places. This is very important if you don’t want to look like a ‘meathead’. The body that this guide creates for you is a lean and ripped body that Hollywood Actors have.

Just know that you will be using lighter weights in this phase. I know it sucks, but setting your ego aside in this phase will definitely pay off. You will get a chance to lift heavier weights and break personal lifting records in the next 2 phases.

Phase 2: Building Muscle Density

Ever notice how some guys have inflated and bulky muscles while other guys have lean and dense muscles?

This is the phase where you build those lean and dense muscles. Phase 2 builds upon the muscles you have built in phase one and prepares you for Phase 3. It is a transitional phase where you are still gaining muscle, but there is a bigger focus on building muscle density.

Phase 3: Max Density and Slimming Down

This phase is where you really ‘harden up’.

In Phase 3, you will be in a pure density building and fat burning phase. You will also break personal weight lifting records here as a bonus ‘side effect‘.

Bonus Phase: Shrink Wrap Effect

After you have completed Phase 3, you can go on a bonus phase that gives you the “Shrink Wrap Effect”. When you have completed this phase, it will look like your skin is tightly wrapped around your muscles. This effect looks incredible on your new lean and dense muscles.

Unfortunately, this technique won’t work as well for you if you haven’t been through the initial 3 Phases of Visual Impact.

What I Liked About The Program

The program over-delivered on everything it promised, it was just a series of pleasant surprises.

Every part of the training is explained thoroughly. The manual is very easy to read and to understand. It also gives you the exact workout routines, rep schemes and rest time for the workouts. The second manual is 277 pages of exercises, which makes the program very flexible. You have a variety of exercises to choose from that suits you best.

According to the program, Phase 3 is where you will break previous lifting records and this is true, I was able to lift more weights than before. My muscles also got denser and harder.

The bonus phase was really sweet. At the end of Phase 3, I slimmed down quite a lot. After the bonus Phase, my muscles grew even bigger and fuller than before. The result was great muscle definition all over.

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