A Diet To Get Ripped Fast

by Jeff on October 22, 2010

A diet to get ripped helps you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Without a low body fat percentage, you will not have high muscle definition to look ripped. Eating the right foods can give you 80% of your fat loss results and allow you to gain muscle at the optimal rate.

Use Diet For 80% of Fat Loss

I believe that eating right is extremely important. You don’t want to rely on cardio for your fat loss because it will slow down your recovery time. Get most of your fat loss from eating the right foods so that your body can be optimized for recovery. During your workout, you cause micro trauman to the muscles. During recovery, your muscles are rebuilt to be bigger and stronger using nutrients you have consumed as building blocks. Better recovery means getting stronger and building muscles faster.

Eating the right foods in the right amounts will help you burn fat and it allows your body to recover faster. When it comes the building muscle, the right foods provide the building blocks of muscle building.

In this post, I’m going to talk about important guide lines and a very specific strategy for accelerated muscle gains and fat loss.

If you already have 10-14% body fat, I have a strategy that helps you get high muscle definition. It’s called the “Shrink Wrap Effect”, it will look like your skin has been shrink wrapped around your abs. Click Here For The Shrink Wrap Effect.

Now, moving onto the article…

Important Guidelines

Drop the sugary foods, drinks and alcohol. Don’t eat or drink crap.

Why? Because you need to be in control of your insulin, it’s critical if you want to be ripped. Insulin is released when you eat sugars/carbs. Insulin stores excess calories as fat AND it inhibits the production of HGH (the fat burning hormone that also helps your build muscle). Insulin also prevents your body from burning fat as energy.

When you eat carbs, make sure that it’s in the form of starch mostly. It is most readily absorbed my your muscle as glycogen (your muscles uses this as energy). Avoid fats if you’re eating carbs because your body can’t burn fat as energy during an insulin spike.

Your meals can be:

Higher in fat with protein and WITHOUT carbs.


Lower in fat with protein and with carbs. Preferably in the form of starch.

You don’t need much carbs. Eating a meal high in fat and proteins will activate a process called gluconeogenesis. This is where non-carbs are converted into glucose. The fat and protein will be converted glucose for your body to use. During your workout days, have some starch in your meals with low fat. On your off days, I suggest that you eat meals higher in fat and lower/no carbs.

Eat as much fresh vegetables as you can along with the proteins. Leafy greens and whole cuts of meat contain more nutrients than other foods. The micronutrients found in vegetables and whole cuts of meat will help your body recover and grow optimally.

The more nutrient dense vegetables are Kale, Spinach and Broccoli. When it comes to meats, it’s Beef, Bison and Pork. When you eat eggs, eat the whole egg. Most of the benefits are in the yolk. I know that there is a concern with the cholesterol in the egg yolk. However, studies have shown that the cholesterol in egg yolk does not lead to heart problems.

The most important meal

One of the most important meal is the one you eat after working out, this is called the post-workout meal. Right after you work out, there is a 1 hour window where your body will absorb macronutrients (such as protein) more efficiently. However, this is also when your digestion is weakened because the blood in your body is more focussed in the muscles you have just worked out.

I recommend that you have something high in protein that is easily digested and absorbed by the body. In my post on What To Eat After A Workout, I talk more in-depth about this subject.

Strategy For Accelerated Muscle Gains and Fat Loss

In my newsletter, I talk about an advanced strategy for accelerated muscle growth. It uses intermittent fasting to increase your protein synthesis and anabolic response. At the same time, intermittent fasting also helps you lose body fat and increases your HGH (Human Growth Hormones, helps you lose fat and build muscle) levels. Just by doing one thing, you create all of these benefits to accelerate your muscle building and fat loss results.

However, training in a regular fasted state may be counterproductive. Training in a fasted state makes your muscles break down easier. In my newsletter, I talk about how to avoid this. The strategy involves getting all the benefits without any of the side effects. Join my newsletter by entering your information below, this strategy for accelerated muscle growth will be the 5th newsletter in the series. The first two newsletters will be about how I eat to stay ripped all year long.

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