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by Jeff on November 2, 2010

This is a nice picture, but I don't recommend every food in this picture.

This article is focused on get ripped foods. For the correct training methods, check out my post The Best Workout To Get Ripped.

Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods can help you get ripped

To get ripped, you need to build muscle and lose fat. Chances are, you have more muscle than you know, it’s just not showing through.

One of the keys to having that ripped look is having a low body fat percentage. To lose fat, about 80% of your fat loss comes from having a proper diet.

Before we get to what the specific get ripped foods are, you need to understand how these foods work to help you get ripped.

Whenever you eat any form of carbohydrates, your body releases insulin. This hormone  helps your body store glycogen and amino acids into the muscles, but at the same time, it also stores excess calories as fat. When your body is releases insulin, it also releases another hormone called ‘somatostatin’. Somatostatin inhibits HGH from being produced in your body.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is an important factor in getting ripped, it helps you build muscle and burn fat. Eating carbs right before or after a workout is probably the worst thing you can do to sabotage your fat loss efforts.
The get ripped foods either contain very little carbs, or no carbs at all. When you stop eating carbs, your body will run out of carbs to burn for energy. You body will start using fat and protein as energy. Your body will also release hormones that break down the fat in your body to be used as energy. This process is known as “ketosis” and it’s what makes you lose fat, fast.

Alternatively, intermittent fasting (follow this link to learn more about it) is another powerful method to make your body produce more hgh and help you get ripped. It mimics the effects of intense exercise.

Prevent The “Low Energy” Problem

People often complain about having low energy once they cut out carbs of their diet. This is because they’re consuming insufficient calories. You need to make up this calorie intake from other sources. Eating enough fat is key to making this work.

Good Foods

Get ripped foods are foods that are high in fat and protein and low on carbs. Red meats such as beef and pork are some of the best get ripped foods. Other great sources of protein and fat are eggs, chicken, and fish.

I’m a big fan of eating raw eggs. I know that this may sound gross, but when you mix it in with your protein shake, you won’t even notice it. There are just so many benefits to eating raw eggs as opposed to cooked eggs. I won’t go into the details here, but if you’re interested, you can read about it in my article about bodybuilding food.

Also, eating nutrient rich vegetables is very important in keeping your body healthy. Spinach, mushrooms, asparagus,  green beans and celery are great. Two foods to avoid potatoes and milk. Potatoes are full of starch, which is a form of carbs. Milk has high lactase content, which is a form of sugar.

If you’re doing resistance training, your muscles need still need glycogen to recover properly and prevent deterioration. For one day a week when you’re not working out, you can eat carbs. This restores your muscle’s glycogen reserves. I recommend scheduling this day on the weekend.


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Mo Corrado January 24, 2011 at 7:01 am


I have been on a protein diet and workout regime for the last three months and have been super strict when it comes to what I eat. Almost every meal I eat has some form of protein in it. The thing is, I havent touched a single starch (be it potato, rice, pasta etc) and am concerned that my complete lack of carb intake may influence the fact that although I have lost fat quickly, I havent managed to add muscle mass as much as I hoped. Should I be introducing more carbs to my diet or should I just increase my protein intake?

Thanks for your time,


Jeff January 26, 2011 at 12:41 pm

@ Mo

Cutting down carbs is a great way to lose fat at quickly and keeping it off. Doing so will also help you keep your insulin levels low. However, insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones that your body produces, it can help your muscles grow. If you’re trying to gain muscle more quickly, I recommend that you include some carbs into your meals.

Also, what is your workout routine like? It’s another critical factor.


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