Hardgainers Workout

by Jeff on November 5, 2010

Before we get into the hardgainers workout, let’s take a look at who the hardgainers are.

Who are the ‘Hardgainers’?

There are 3 somatotypes (this the fancy scientific word for body types).

  1. Ectomorphic – long thin muscles and limbs (the skinny guys)
  2. Mesomorphic – medium bones, solid torso (the average built guys)
  3. Endomorphic – wide waist and large bone structure (the heavier built guys)

This is illustrated in the diagram below:

The 3 Body Types

Hardgainers are the ectomorphs. Everyone has a set amount of muscle cells. The number of cells don’t increase when you build muscle, only the size of these cells get bigger.  The reason why ectomorphs are usually called ‘hardgainers’ is because they naturally have less muscle mass and they have a higher metabolism. This makes it more difficult to put on muscle.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can use these natural genetic factors to your advantage. Here 2 examples of ‘hardgainers’ that got ripped in a very short time:

Taylor Lautner had to gain 30 pounds of muscle in 9 months for ‘Twilight: New Moon’ to keep his role.

This is Rain, who also had to put on a lot of muscle for the movie, ‘Ninja Assassin’.

How to gain muscle as a Hardgainer

In order to build muscle EFFECTIVELY, you need to take a slightly different approach. Working out only makes up a portion of your results. As a hardgainer, diet becomes a lot more important for muscles gains. When you’re building up the muscles, it’s important to eat more of the right foods in the right way to increase your growth hormones. For example, eating excessive sugar and carbohydrates will inhibit growth hormone production.

The advantage is that once you have achieved the physique you want, it is a lot easier for hardgainers to maintain a low body fat to stay ripped. Building more muscle is the main challenge.

What Kinds of Exercises to Do

You need to do both compound lifts and isolation lifts for the best results.

Compound lifts use multiple muscle groups. An example would be squats, it uses your quads, glutes, calves and also your core. These kinds of lifts engage multiple muscles and the benefit is that this helps your body produce more HGH. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, it is one of the factors that helps you build muscle fast. Squats and deadlifts mainly target your lower body, however, the extra HGH will make your whole body grow faster.

Isolation lifts target only 1 muscle group mainly. An example would be a bicep curl. These lifts target the specific muscle group, giving it a better workout. Doing these with your compound lifts maximize your workout.

In the next section, I will reveal a secret that Hollywood actors use to get ripped in a very short time frame.

The Secret to Hollywood Transformations

There is only a small subset of muscles that are visible. This subset of muscles only make up 20% of your entire muscle mass, but it creates over 80% of all perceived muscle size. By focussing on developing these muscles, you will be able to transform your body fast.

Above, I showed the physical transformations of Taylor Lautner and Rain. Most fitness coaches consider the transformations to be impossible. But surely enough, one actor after another keeps showing up with their transformed bodies shocking everyone.

  1. Brad Pitt in Fight club
  2. Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity
  3. Taylor Lautner in New Moon
  4. Rain in Ninja Assassin and the list goes on.

Their workout routines may vary, but they all followed the same principles. I wrote another article talks more in-depth about these principles. I talk about the exact muscles that are visible and how to develop these muscles fast. Check out my post on The Best Workout To Get Ripped.

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