How Did Taylor Lautner Get Ripped?

by Jeff on November 3, 2010

How did Taylor Lautner get ripped? The answer is having a proper diet and workout plan.

After the first Twilight movie, Taylor was going to be replaced for New Moon if he didn’t put on more muscle. He had 9 months to build more muscle before the new movie. In the end, Taylor Lautner was able to put on 30 pounds of muscle for ‘Twilight: New Moon’ and got that ‘Ripped’ look.

During interviews, Taylor talked about how workout was actually the easy part. The hard part was eating. He had to eat a meal every 2 hours and the meals were quite large. For example, he would have 6 egg whites, bacon and toast for breakfast.

Interview with Taylor Lautner’s Personal Trainer: Jordan Yuam

Jordan Yuam was Taylor’s personal trainer. Jordan explained that this diet was specifically designed for Taylor. It was a diet only for ‘hardgainers’ or skinny guys that had trouble putting on weight, the diet is not for losing fat.

As for the workout, Jordan Yuam explained some of the details in an interview with ‘Men’s Health Magazine’. Here is an excerpt:

Push Your Limits

To grow large, your body needs to become comfortable with heavy loads. “That is why I had Taylor ‘taste’ a much heavier weight,” says Yuam, who would stack a bar (or use dumbbells) with about 40 percent more weigth than Lautner could normally lift 10 times. So if you can lift, say, 12 pounds 10 times, go with 170 pounds. Then, using a spotter, perform only the lowering half of lifts. (“It’s critical that your spotter be strong enough to lift the weights back up by himself,” Yuam says.) For a benchpres, that means slowly lowering the weight to your chest. This lets your body adjust to the new weight even before you’re ready to raise it. The move is taxing on your muscles, though, so limit your “tasting” to 2 or 3 sets of 5 reps every other week

Vary Your Volume

Heavier isn’t always better. To maximize gains, Lautner regularly varies reps and the amount of weight he lifts. ‘If you want a balanced body, you have to do that,” says Yuam. The more your muscles are forced to adapt to a new routine, the more they grow. Instead of always doing 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps, for example, occasionally reduce the weight and shoot for 4 sets of 15 reps. A recent study in the journal of Strength and COnditioning Research found that men who regularly varied their rep counts and trained different muscle groups increased their bench strength by 28 percent and their leg-press strength by 43 percent.

This is Taylor Lautner, who had to gain 30 pounds of muscle in 9 months for ‘Twilight: New Moon’.

You could say that Taylor Lautner had the ‘Hollywood Trasformation’. Other actors that went through the same transformation includes

  1. Brad Pitt in Fight Club
  2. Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity
  3. Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man
  4. Chris Hemsworth in Thor
  5. Rain in Ninja Assassin
  6. and many others

Most fitness coaches claim that it’s impossible to go through such a big change in a short time, but they have been proven wrong time after time. Believe it or not, there is actually a method to getting this physical transformation in a short time. I talk about how to create this transformation in my post, Best Workout To Get Ripped. Check it out.

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