Anterior Front Deltoid Exercises

by Jeff on May 13, 2011

In this post, I will be talking about Front Deltoid Exercises (also know was the Anterior Deltoid) and the benefits of developing  your front deltoids.

First, let’s talk about what well developed front deltoids will do for your physique:

  1. It makes you look more ripped
  2. It makes your biceps look bigger
  3. It makes your shoulders look bigger

What Anterior Front Deltoid Exercises Does For Your Physique

When you develop your anterior deltoids, you create more distinction between your shoulder and bicep as well as your shoulder and pectoral muscles.

Notice the ‘crease’ or distinction between the chest, shoulders and biceps. Developing your anterior deltoids will help create this more defined look. You can see this in the picture above.

How To Develop Your Anterior Front Deltoid Exercises

To develop your front deltoids, you need to isolate them when working out. Make sure that your shoulders aren’t in a raised/shrugged position and that you feel the muscle that is being worked.

Don’t let your trap muscles help in the motion, focus your mind on only activating your front deltoid muscles. This is very important in getting a good isolation workout.

Now, let’s take a look at some front deltoid exercises

Anterior Front Deltoid Exercises

Dumbbell Front Raises

It’s easy to let your traps disrupt your isolation when you’re doing this exercise. Focus on keeping your shoulders still, don’t let them raise and shrug. As a variation for this exercise, you can hold a weight plate in front of you instead of the dumbbells. Pay special attention to the ‘reach towards the wall’ tip.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

This exercise is traditionally used to work the outer deltoids. However, with some modifications it targets the front deltoids. Stand straight and pull back your shoulders, I find that this helps isolate the front deltoid. If you’re not feeling it in your front delts, shift your shoulder positioning, elbow angle and lifting angle until you feel it. At the peak of your lift, hold for a brief moment and contract your shoulder muscles. Don’t swing the weight and don’t let it drop after you’ve completed the lift. You need to have controlled movements for the full range of motion.

You can also perform this exercise in the seated position. Try them both out and see which one gives you a better workout.

If your front deltoid muscles aren’t getting fatigued at the end of the workout, try out some of these additional tips to help you get that fatigue…

Additional Tips

  1. Slow down your lifting tempo to 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down. Remember to hold and squeeze your muscles at the peak of your lift.
  2. Reduce your rest periods. Time yourself to stay consistent. Try only resting for 30 seconds between sets, then try resting 20 seconds and etc.
  3. Try twisting your hands when lifting the dumbbells. This is a technique that Vince Gironda taught. He was the man that trained Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia) among many others. It’s like you’re holding 2 cups and you’re lifting and you’re pouring at the same time. So as you are doing your side lateral raises, twist your hands towards the ground while you are lifting.

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Next, I will have a 2 part series about Chin Ups and Pull Ups.

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