How To Get Big Fast

by Jeff on November 14, 2010

This is a guide on how to get big fast. I will talk about how to gain a lot of mass and size in a short time.

There are three areas that you will need to work on to get the full benefits of this approach. If you slack off in any one of these areas, it can hurt your progress significantly.

The Three Areas That Will Get You Results

  1. Working Out
  2. Eating
  3. Rest

Working Out

I often hear people giving the advice, “To get big, lift big and eat big.” Which is bad advice. It’s not as simple as ‘lifting as much as you can’ and ‘stuffing your face with as much food as you can’. There needs to be a precise and scientific method to help you progressively lift more weight and eat more food over time.

Training in the lower rep-ranges is focussed towards strength gains. To maximize the growth of your muscle size, you want to lower the weights and do higher repetitions (usually between 5-12 reps per set).

You also want to do multiple exercises that work the same muscle group to create more muscle fatigue. Another  great way to train for size gains is to slow down your lifting tempo, this allows your muscles to build up a higher degree of fatigue.

Mike Mentzer (the only man to get a perfect 300 in a Mr. Universe competition) developed a 3/3 tempo. You take 3 seconds to lift the weight and 3 seconds to lower it. I guarantee that if you follow this, you will get a burn that you have never experience before.

Here is a video that demonstrates what I mean. I want to demonstrate the ‘intensity’ of having a higher rep scheme with a slower tempo. If you’re not experiencing this kind of intensity, you’re missing out on growth:

This approach maximizes your size gains, but you will be using a lighter weight. To experience optimal muscle growth, you’re going to need to put up with the ego bruising of using lighter weights.

After around 2 months of following this approach, your progress will slow down. Once this happens, you can start training with heavier weights to focus on strength gains before working on gaining mass again.

There is a key point that I want to point out in the video. Every workout, you want to increase in weight, reps or both. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t increase the weight during your next workout, just make sure you increase the reps in each set. This will help you grow more and increase the weight next time.

Eating & Rest

Eating the right way and getting enough rest is just as important as the workout itself. These 2 factors make up ‘recovery’ and if you don’t recover, you won’t be able to grow and you also won’t be able to increase the reps/weight during your workouts.

Food is like the building blocks of your muscles. During a workout, you are causing micro trauma to your muscles; the muscles tear. Your body then repairs the muscles to become bigger and stronger during rest.

If you’re following a consistent training schedule, proper rest is absolutely critical. At least 8 hours of quality sleep is required for optimal growth. If you’re pushing yourself hard at the gym, you will feel the need for it.

Without enough nourishment and rest, you will not be able to create the ‘intensity’ that we talked about earlier in the workout section.

If you’re feeling slow or fatigued, you need to eat more and rest more. Aim to eat more food every week instead of eating until you’re sick. It’s a gradual process. As you lift more weights and grow bigger, your body will also crave more food.

The Importance of the Right Workout Program

Following the right workout program is very important. When you can see the improvements week after week, it is a huge motivating factor. If you’re on a workout program that doesn’t work, you’re not going to see any results and it will be discouraging and frustrating.

The difference between an effective program and an ineffective program is night and day. If you keep a picture journal of your progress, you should be able to see differences every week or 2 weeks if you follow an effective workout program.

A good workout program needs to be comprehensive and specific. The workout needs to focus on a very specific goal to be effective whether you want bigger muscles or if you want to get stronger. It also needs to address things like diet (neglect this part and you won’t grow properly), rest and what happens when your progress stalls/plateaus.

Each muscle needs to get enough work and rest, the routine needs to be carefully planned to create this.

The Right Program & Premium Advice

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