How To Get Ripped At Home

by Jeff on November 6, 2010

Just look at that muscle definition!

This article is about how to get ripped at home with little or no equipment. While it is possible to get ripped at home; for the same results, each individual workout will take longer. A program such as P90X has workout sessions lasting around 1 hour long. I don’t think this method is sustainable and we will be talking about a better program that takes up less time.

On another note, take gymnasts for example, have great physiques and they train mostly using their bodyweight. If you have little or no equipment, you will be using bodyweight exercises and weighted bodyweight exercises.

How To Get Ripped

To get ripped, you need to build more muscle mass and achieve a low body fat percentage. Intermittent fasting is one of the simplest and easiest way to lose body fat. If you exercise during an intermittent fast, your muscles will also grow at a faster rate. I will go more in-depth about both subjects in the following sections.

Benefit of Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises work out your muscles in ways that lifting weights can’t. These exercises engage various muscles to work together in a way that is different from using gym equipment. It helps you build a different kind of functional strength. Of course, it also helps you build muscle.

Even if you’re going to the gym and lifting weights, I recommend that you also do a good bodyweight workout once in a while. Having the right bodyweight exercise routine will also help you become more agile, have more explosive strength and take less damage from impact.

One major advantage of bodyweight exercises is that you can do them anytime and anywhere.

Disadvantages of Bodyweight Exercises

There are some muscle groups that can’t be worked out out properly without the proper equipment. I believe that a pull-up bar is mandatory for back and bicep development.

Dumbbells are not required for bicep development. As you get stronger, you can attach a weight to yourself on the chin-ups for continued muscle development. In order for your muscle to continue to grow, you need to progressively load the muscles more and more. To do this, you can wear a weight belt and attach a weighted plate/dumbbell.

Lastly, muscle growth with bodyweight workouts is slower than if you were to lift conventional weights.

Exercise and Growth

To keep growing, do more repetitions and/or slow down the tempo of each of your reps to increase the difficulty. Good form is absolutely key to proper muscle and strength development, make sure that you don’t cheat, you will only be cheating yourself out of results.

For more specifics regarding bodyweight workouts, check out my post about the Best Bodyweight Workout Routine. In the post, I also talk about two advanced concepts: Sequential Summation of Forces and Stored Elastic Energy.

Low Body Fat Percentage

The last thing I want to talk about is Intermittent Fasting. It’s one of the easiest and simplest ways to lose body fat. If you exercise during an intermittent fast, it will also increase your muscle’s growth rate. For more in-depth information, check out my article on intermittent fasting.

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